Case Studies

Wirtgen W500

A loyal customer based in Singapore contacted Omnia with a request for a Wirtgen cold milling machine with 0.5m working width. The cost was the key driver on this occasion as their budget was relatively low, however, no compromise could be made on quality. We opted for the older W500 model as opposed to the W50 as this would bring costs down but offer similar performance.  Although not as technologically advanced, the W500 is more robust and can be repaired with greater ease in regions of the world with limited parts availability. The machine was sourced from a regular supplier who maintains his machines to an extremely high standard. This was, in fact, one of his backup machines and so the working hours were relatively low for the year of manufacture. To further reduce costs, we opted to deliver the unit in a 40’ HC container. In order to do so, the conveyor was removed and loaded into the container using a telehandler. The body of the machine was then loaded and lashed down securely before delivery to Southampton Port.

Wirtgen W100F

Omnia was contacted by a contractor in Ireland looking for a cold milling machine with 1m working width for an upcoming project. One of the customers key concerns was engine class as the contract stipulated the machine used must have a Tier 3(a) engine or above. Omnia was able to offer a 2008 Wirtgen W100F from stock with extremely low operating hours and a EUR Tier 3(a) engine, offering superior fuel efficiency along with fewer harmful emissions. Omnia delivered the machine to the customer’s door within one week of the initial enquiry, simultaneously collecting a 2001 Wirtgen W1000F which was taken as a trade-in as part of the deal.

Kleemann MR 130 ZS EVO

A client based in the Zheijang Province of China approached us to procure a Kleemann MR 130 ZS EVO Impact Crusher. They stressed that the machine must be delivered to Shanghai within three months of the initial enquiry due to an upcoming project. Within two days our sourcing team had procured a suitable machine, located in Central Germany. Once the machine was approved in principal by our client, we organised a two-day inspection in Germany for the following week. The first day would encompass our technical inspection to ensure the machine was functioning to a high standard. On the second day, we had arranged for the China Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd (CCIC) to perform a pre-shipment quarantine inspection – a prerequisite for all imports of used machinery to China. The machine passed both inspections with flying colours, a testament to the expert knowledge and meticulous approach of our sourcing team.

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3 x Komatsu PC130

Side view of Komatsu PC130-7K soldFurther to the fulfilment of the 20-tonne roller order, Omnia was briefed to procure three Komatsu PC130 excavators and deliver them to Laem Chabang Port, Thailand. The units were due to be incorporated into a large hire fleet, so it was vital that they arrived clean, tidy and ready for work. Within a matter of two weeks from the initial request, Omnia procured three low hour units from reputable UK companies and had them serviced and cleaned ready for shipment. The customer requested a staggered shipping schedule so that they could collect the machines one by one rather than all at once, therefore Omnia Logistics arranged for the shipments to arrive in two-week intervals.

Doppstadt 3060E

Side viewA sawmill in Israel came to Omnia to obtain an additional shredder for use on its site. The Doppstadt provided not only handles wood products with ease but is the electric model of the range, negating the need for fuel-based power. Able to be run off electric power sources, the client purchased a fit for purpose shredder whilst cutting costs. Omnia sourced the unit from a crushing and screening specialist in the UK and handled prompt transport directly to Israel. Spare cutting teeth and DC drive were also provided to save any downtime that can occur when normal wearing parts required replacing.

Liebherr LTM1030-2

A leading Eastern European crane rental agency came to Omnia Machinery in search of a high quality 30 tonne mobile crane for addition to it’s growing rental fleet. Omnia Machinery used strong ties in the UK crane rental market to source a Liebherr LTM1030-2 in immaculate condition well within the customers budget. A full inspection and service were carried out before delivery to Cuxhaven Port.

Liebherr LTM1040-2

Side view of Liebherr LTM1040 loaded

Another one of Europe’s leading crane rental agencies tasked Omnia with sourcing a 40- tonne mobile crane for addition to their rental fleet. We were able to procure a 2006 Liebherr LTM1040 comfortably under budget. However, it came without a fly jib which was a key requirement of the client. Always striving to go the extra mile, we procured a 15m double fly jib from another crane rental firm, had it refurbished and repainted to the required colour and then transported it to the customers yard all included in the cost of the crane.

Dynapac CA702D


Once again Omnia was asked by one of it’s Thai customers to procure a high quality 25 tonne roller for use in an upcoming road construction project. The critical requirement on this occasion was the manufacturer should be Dynapac as they already many owned many Dynapac machines. Although uncommon in the UK, Omnia drew on its strong network in Scandinavia to procure a 2007 Dynapac CA702D. The roller also came fitted with a slightly thicker, more durable drum ideal for use in the contractor’s protracted upcoming project.

Beretta T44

Side view of Beretta loaded

A large drilling company tasked Omnia with sourcing a water well drill rig for projects across West Africa. Omnia procured a sturdy, truck mounted Beretta T44 rig capable of managing the varying African conditions. This unit had been a work horse for a leading UK drilling company. Ideal for these projects, the Beretta is capable of drilling deep holes to provide water to many people across the continent. Omnia arranged full shipping to Conakry, Guinea and assisted with customs documentation to speed up the clearing process.

Wirtgen W2200

Back view of Wirtgen W2200SM soldThe Caribbean’s premier Road Contractor came to Omnia for help procuring a Wirtgen Surface Miner for an upcoming project. Price was critical for the customer and so Omnia advised them to opt for a converted cold milling machine rather than a Surface Miner – similar performance but substantially better value. Omnia was able to procure a Wirtgen W2200 which had been suitably modified for this purpose. However, the unit was fitted with a ‘trenching drum’ – 0.6m in width and designed for trench digging rather than surface mining. Omnia subsequently procured a brand new 2.2m wide surface mining drum at a fraction of the cost that the client had paid historically. Omnia Logistics then coordinated the RORO shipment of the W2200, transshipping through Baltimore to a Caribbean Island, along with the drum which went palletised within a shipping container.