Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are the archetypal crusher used for the dismantling of rock and stone, with a quarry jaw crusher you are able to crush all kinds of materials to various sizes depending on your requirements. The movable jaw applies force on the rock and forces it against the stationary plate, the rocks then remain between the jaws until the material is small enough to pass through the gap at the bottom of the jaws. Here at Omnia Machinery, you will discover a huge range of brands among our quarry jaw crushers, including Terex Finlay, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Kleemann and many more. As it is the primary machine for crushing rock, jaw crushers are a highly sought after type of quarry machinery, at Omnia we are able to have a machine fully checked and delivered to you safely and securely to coincide with the start of your project.  

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  • Sandvik QJ241

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2457

    149,000.00 EUR

    Used Sandvik QJ241 for sale

    2,950 Hours

    Engine: CAT C7.1 Acert (168 kW)

    CE Marked

  • Sandvik UJ440I

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2438

    £340,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik UJ440I for sale

    4,000 Hours

    Crusher: Single Toggle – CJ412

    Dust suppression systems

  • Metso LT106

    Year: 2011

    Ref: 2433

    £147,500.00 GBP

    Used Metso LT106 for sale

    6,500 hours

    Dust suppression system

    Extended Output conveyor

  • Terex Pegson XR400

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2413

    £95,000.00 GBP

    Used Terex Pegson XR400 for sale

    7,000 Hours

    CE Marked

    Over band Magnet

  • Sandvik QJ341

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2412

    £135,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik QJ341 for sale

    4,600 Hours

    Emissions: Stage 3A / Tier 3

    Capacity: up to 400 tph

  • Sandvik QJ241

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2364

    160,000.00 EUR

    Used Sandvik QJ 241 for sale

    2,100 Hours

    Emissions: 3B

    Main Conveyor: 800mm

  • Sandvik JM 1208

    Year: 2004

    Ref: 2362

    £95,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik JM 1208 for sale

    18,400 Hours

    Weight: 58 tonne

    New engine fitted approx 2000 hrs ago

  • McCloskey J45

    Year: 2017

    Ref: 2346

    £175,000.00 GBP

    Used McCloskey J45 for sale

    1,200 Hours

    42” Extended Conveyor

    CE Marked

  • Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 R

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2344

    £155,000.00 GBP

    Used Kleemann Mobicat MC110 R for sale

    3,200 Hours

    Double-deck Heavy-piece Screen

    Side soil conveyor

  • Kleemann MC 120Z

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2342

    £295,000.00 GBP

    Used Kleemann MC120Z for sale

    4,500 Hours

    Feed capacity up to 450 t/h

    Crusher inlet: 1,200 x 800 mm

  • Sandvik QJ241

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 2302

    £145,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik QJ241 for sale

    1,650 Hours

    Main Conveyor: 800mm

    Track Width: 400mm

  • Sandvik QJ341 ECO+

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2258

    £155,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik QJ 341 ECO + for sale

    2,700 Hours

    Full Service History

    Video available on Request

  • Terex Finlay J-1480

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2230

    £220,000.00 GBP

    Used Terex Finlay J-1480 for sale

    9,000 Hours

    Inlet: 1400mm x 800mm

    Weight: 79,500KGl

    CE Marked

  • Metso LT106

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2227

    £170,000.00 GBP

    Used Metso LT 106 for sale

    11,200 Hours

    Chequered plate dust Covers

    New Jaws and Cheek Plates Fitted

  • McCloskey J45

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2214

    £150,000.00 GBP

    Used McCloskey J45 for sale

    5,000 Hours

    Refurbished Feeder

    New Jaw and Cheek plates

  • Sandvik QJ341 ECO+

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2183

    £140,000.00 GBP

    Used Sandvik QJ341 ECO+ for sale

    3,800 Hours

    Feed Opening: 1200mm x 750mm

    Hopper Capacity: 9.4mᶾ

  • Metso LT110

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 2176

    £145,000.00 GBP

    Used Metso LT110 for sale

    8,500 Hours

    Nordberg C110 Jaw

    Jaw Condition: 80% New

  • Powerscreen Metrotrak HA

    Year: 2017

    Ref: 2170

    £184,000.00 GBP

    Used Powerscreen Metrotrak HA for sale

    400 Hours

    Jaw like New

    Output potential – up to 200tph

  • Terex Finlay J-1160

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 2156

    £160,000.00 GBP

    Used Terex Finlay J-1160 for sale

    1,950 Hours

    Max Output: 350 tph

    Hydrostatic driven single toggle jaw chamber

  • Parker RG1165DH

    Year: 1997

    Ref: 2133

    £38,000.00 GBP

    Used Parker RG 1165 DH for sale

    16,000 Hours

    Breaker 2 years old

    Machine in everyday use