Here at Omnia we have a fantastic range of Rollers in all sizes and weights to meet your requirements. We can supply both padfoot and smooth rollers. We have both compact and vibratory rollers and offer brands such as Bomag and Hamm as well all other great manufactures.

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  • Bomag BW226 DH-4

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2444

    £72,000.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW226 DH-4 for sale

    7,800 hours

    EU Stage IIIA / US Tier 3

    ROPS Cabin with heating

  • Bomag BW225D-3

    Year: 1998

    Ref: 2435

    42,500.00 EUR

    Used Bomag BW225 D-3 for sale

    2,734 hours

    CE Marked

    Working Width: 2.13 m

  • Bomag BW213 D-4

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2427

    £39,000.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW213D-4 for sale

    5,700 Hours

    2.13m Drum Width

    1.55m Drum diameter

  • Hamm 3520HT

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 2418

    55,000.00 EUR

    Used Hamm 3520HT for sale

    2,600 Hours


    ROPS Cab

  • Hamm 3412

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2371

    £45,000.00 GBP

    Used Hamm 3412 for sale

    1,462 Hours

    Converted from soil to Asphalt

    Recently used on asphalt

  • Bomag BW226 DH-4

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2235

    £44,500.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW226 DH-4 for sale

    11,000 Hours

    Tyres are at 85%


  • Bomag BW226 DH-4

    Year: 2009

    Ref: 2145

    £48,000.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW 226 DH-4 for sale

    8,000 hours

    Working width: 2130mm


  • Dynapac F16W

    Year: 2000

    Ref: 2045

    £15,000.00 GBP

    Used Dynapac F16W for sale

    7,000 Hours

    8 Wheeled Asphalt paver

    Weather canopy

  • Bomag BW226 DH-5

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 1932

    115,000.00 EUR

    Used Bomag BW226 DH-5 for sale

    830 Hours

    25ton Roller

    Rear view camera system in colour

    Pictures are with padfoot segments which will be removed as this is a smooth drum

    ROPS Cab

    Heating and A/C


    Bomag Telematic Power

    Fast refuel system

  • Dynapac CA 612D

    Year: 2010

    Ref: 1809

    50,000.00 EUR

    Used Dynapac CA 612D for sale

    Single Drum Vibratory Roller

    2,685 hours

    20,700 kg operating weight

    Cummins QSB6.7 T3 engine (142 kW (190.0 hp ) @ 2,200 rpm)

  • Bomag BW 213 D-4

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 1808

    46,000.00 EUR

    Used Bomag BW213D-4 for sale

    4,100 Hours


    Vibratory Compactor

    2.13m Drum Width

    1.55m Drum diameter

    4 cylinder engine

    6.8mph max speed

    No rust on the drum.

    Very good condition

  • Side view 4

    Hamm 3410

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 1725

    £40,000.00 GBP

    Used Hamm 3410 for sale

    2500 Hours

    Open Rops Cabin

    Heated seat

    Drum in good condition. No Rust

    Tyres running at 70%

    Vibrating smooth drum roller

  • Side view

    Caterpillar CB54B

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 1720

    59,500.00 EUR

    Used Caterpillar CB54B for sale

    10t tandem vibratory roller

    800 hours

    New vibration pumps

    10,670kg operating weight

    Travel Speed: 11km/h

    Caterpillar C4.4 Acert engine (98kW)

    Roller width: 1.7m

  • Wide view 2

    Bomag BW226 DH-4

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 1698

    £89,500.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW226DH-4 for sale

    2,100 hours

    26,000kg Operating weight

    2130mm Working width

    Vario Control

    Good tire

    Computerized with printing

    Climate / AC

    Full service history can be provided

  • Wide view

    Bomag BW226 RC-4

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 1643

    69,500.00 EUR

    Used Bomag BW226 RC-4 for sale

    3,800 hours

    Rock crusher drum

  • Front view 2

    Dynapac CA302D

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 1641

    34,500.00 EUR

    Used Dynapac CA302D for sale

    5,600 Hours

    Cab w/AC

    Excellent condition, genuine hours

    Drum thickness still good with no rust

  • Side view Hamm H11i

    Hamm H11i

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 1642

    £57,000.00 GBP

    Used Hamm H11i for sale

    1,600 Hours

    Hydrostatic Gear

    CE Marked

    Drum is in very good condition

    Rotating Beacon

    All Documentation

  • Side view

    Bomag BW219 D-4

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 1628

    £38,000.00 GBP

    Used Bomag BW219 D-4 for sale

    13,000 Hours

    CE & EPA Marked

    Drum in good condition no corrosion.

    Tyres are in very good condition

    AC Cab

    Full body cab

    Vibrating drum

  • Wide view

    Hamm H25i VC

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 1626

    £82,000.00 GBP

    Used Hamm H25i VC for sale


    690 Hours

    Rock crusher drum

    Cabin with heating / air conditioning

    Rotating beacon VC tool set HCQ compaction meter Backup alarm

  • Side view

    Bomag BW226 DH-4

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 1573

    45,000.00 EUR

    Used Bomag BW226 DI-4 for sale

    9,500 Hours

    Vibratory single drum roller in good condition.

    Service record available

    No rust on the drum

    Tyres are at 80%

    AC in the cab