Sandvik UJ640 to Spain

We had a new customer enquire with us on a standard Jaw Crusher but after reviewing with their technical team it was decided they would require a larger machine, which was capable of doing a much higher tonne per hour to meet the demands of the quarry.

The team Omnia Machinery sourced a Sandvik UJ640 from a previous supplier in Sweden. This made documentation a lot simpler as it would be an internal EU movement order.

Sadly due to the covid restrictions our specialist could not travel to the site, but the customer went alone to view this machine. Once he had inspected it and discussed the condition and history, a deal was agreed upon.

Due to the size of the Sandvik, it had to be dismantled into 65,000kg pieces, one static and one trackable. Despite the gigantic size of these units they were safely delivered to the site, shipping from Sweden to Spain via Antwerp and then collected by truck for the final leg of the journey.