Sumitomo Junttan LS 118 HHK 7.0

We were contacted by a company in Guyana, Africa who were looking to purchase a piling rig. After a consultation on project requirements, we found a suitable unit with a supplier in Holland. Due to European restrictions on travel, we arranged an inspection with an independent body to ensure an impartial view on the condition of the machine. The machine was found to be in good working order and no issues were found. As part of the deal we would organise shipment of the machine to Georgetown as per the client’s request.

Due to the size and number of attachments that come with these machines, they have to be dismantled and shipped separately to make it cost efficient. After speaking with the two main shipping lines and the supplier,  the main unit and two leader sections were shipped out of Antwerp on a RoRo vessel, with the remaining attachments and 7-tonne hammer being loaded into two containers and moved through Rotterdam on a direct vessel to Georgetown.