Atlas Copco E2C & L2C Package Deal to Mumbai, India

A customer from India reached out to us with a requirement for 8 Atlas Copco tunnelling machines. We were able to quickly source a supplier in Scandinavia who was prepared to sell 10. Two members of our experienced team travelled to the site in the North of Sweden to inspect and take detailed photos of the equipment. After the inspection, our client was pleased and ready to go ahead with the deal.

The end destination for the machine package was Mumbai Port and a suitable shipping schedule was found. However, during the export procedures we discovered an unknown policy which required all machinery leaving Wallhamn Port, to be inspected by an independent Chartered Engineering Company that could issue us with a quality certificate. Due to the location of the site and the time of year, it was decided we would bring all machines to a yard outside of the port whereby the chartered inspection could take place. Effortlessly, all machines were granted the quality certificate with no issues. After this, the rigs were shipped to our customer and delivered with no issues.

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