Piling & Drilling

We can provide you with a wide range of high quality piling and drilling machines. We ensure that we match the specification of all of our machines to the project that you have so you can buy from us in confidence that what you are purchasing will be capable of carrying out your project. We have machinery that can drill to various depths and on different surfaces.

The piling and drilling machinery that we offer includes, Hammer, CFA and rotary piling as well as sheet piling rigs and water well drill rigs. We offer all brands such as Soilmec, Tescar, Demag, Hitachi, Bauer, Casagrande, Juttan, and Atlas Copco amongst others.

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  • Hutte HBR 605

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 3115

    130,000 EUR

    Used Hutte HBR 605 for sale

    Hours: 5,046

    Maximum Depth Dependant On Casing And Geology: 120m

    Maximum Casing Diameter: 250mm

  • Junttan PM 20LC

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 3011

    £275,000 GBP

    Used Junttan PM 20LC for sale

    11,700 Hours

    CE Marked

    Junttan HHK Hammer

  • Dando Watertec 40

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 3117

    £290,000 GBP

    Used Dando Watertec 40 for sale

    Rig Hours: 1,700

    Truck Hours: 1,200

    Mounted On Iveco Trakker AD380T38WH 6×6

  • Soilmec SR-30

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 3083

    £180,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec SR-30 for sale

    Hours: 13,856

    Available In Rotary And CFA Configuration

    Tier 3 Engine

  • Wirth ECO 1

    Year: 1992

    Ref: 3109

    110,000 EUR

    Used Wirth ECO 1 for sale

    Hours: 15,000

    Engine: Diesel Deutz F5L-912 With Particle Filter, 60kW

    Mast Head: 200kN

  • Casagrande B125 XP

    Year: 2017

    Ref: 3110

    380,000 EUR

    Used Casagrande B125 XP for sale

    Hours: 2,000

    Maximum Piling Depth CFA: 23m

    Maximum Piling Diameter CFA: 800mm

  • Bauer BG 46

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 3107

    1,800,000 EUR

    Used Bauer BG 46 for sale

    Hours: 3,400

    Maximum Piling Depth, Depending On Kelly Bar: 126m

    Maximum Piling Diameter, Depending On Kelly Bar: 3700mm

  • Beretta T46

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 3104

    75,000 EUR

    Used Beretta T46 for sale

    Feed Travel Fitted To Take 1.5m Drill Rods

    Engine: Diesel Deutz f4M2011, 64hp

    Maximum Pull Back Force: 4ton

  • Botec-Scheitza RDBS-Mini 1.0-1.5

    Year: 2018

    Ref: 3102

    180,000 EUR

    Used Botec-Scheitza RDBS-Mini 1.0-1.5 for sale

    Hours: 200

    Engine: Diesel Hatz od. Deutz

    Engine Power: 55kW

  • FYNS MAN 26-280

    Year: 1990

    Ref: 3099

    70,000 EUR

    Used FYNS MAN 26-280 for sale

    12,139 Hours

    Engine: Diesel Deutz V8, 300HP

    6 x 6 Axel Configuration

  • PVE 25M

    Year: 1996

    Ref: 3097

    110,000 EUR

    Used PVE 25M for sale

    6,100 Hours

    Eccentric moment 27kgm

    Maximum centrifugal force: 856kN

  • ICE 7RF

    Year: 1998

    Ref: 3096

    110,000 EUR

    Used ICE 7RF for sale

    3,917 Hours

    Overhauled In 2020

    Eccentric Moment: 0-7kgm

  • IHC Fundex CP25D

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 3090

    £190,000 GBP

    Used IHC Fundex CP25D for sale

    800 Hours

    Comes Equipped With IHC Fundex CPE22 Hammer

    Capable Of Multiple Piling Techniques

  • Dando 250

    Year: 1982

    Ref: 3086

    £35,000 GBP

    Used Dando 250 for sale

    Mounted On a Bedford TM 4/4 Truck

    Kilometres: 19,287km

    Capable Of Constructing Borehole Depths In Excess Of: 100m

  • Soilmec SM-20

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 3084

    150,000 EUR

    Used Soilmec SM-20 for sale

    1,900 Hours

    Engine: Deutz Engine, 129kW

    Maximum Piling Depth Dependant On Kelly Bar: 45m

  • Hutte HBR 203

    Year: 2004

    Ref: 3082

    £43,000 GBP

    Used Hutte HBR203 for sale

    4,384 Hours

    Maximum Pile Depth: 25m

    Maximum Pile Diameter: 450mm

  • Movax TAD 30-2

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 3081

    £30,000 GBP

    Used Movax TAD 30-2 for sale

    5,000 Hours Approx.

    Maximum Depth: 1.67m

    Maximum Width: 1.13m

  • Bauer MBG 24

    Year: 2009

    Ref: 3080

    $375,000 USD

    Used Bauer MBG 24 for sale

    8,200 Hours

    Equipped With Crowd Winch

    Maximum Pile Depth: 43.47m

  • TEI TD75

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 3079

    $175,000 USD

    Used TEI TD75 for sale

    Factory Refurbished In 2017 By TEI

    Equipped With RDS1000 Rotary Head

    Mast Pull Back: 53.379kN

  • Tes Car TES 20

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 3073

    55,000 EUR

    Used Tes Car TES 20 for sale

    1,994 Hours

    Maximum Pile Depth: 20m

    Maximum Pile Diameter: 200mm