Pioneers in foundation equipment design, the Casagrande group delivers both large and small diameter piling rigs, drill rigs and hydraulic crawler cranes as part of their high performance Casagrande machinery range. The Casagrande construction equipment on offer at Omnia Machinery includes the Casagrande B125 rig with CFA piling kit, producing  excellent output and possessing unique operational features. Our Casagrande machinery is ready to use straight away for your project to experience the benefits of such quality designed equipment. Expect efficiency and great attention to detail with each piece of the used Casagrande construction equipment range. Complete details of the machinery are available for extra assurance.  

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  • Casagrande B105 NG

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 2808

    160,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande B105 NG for sale

    3,000 Hours

    4 x 8.5m interlocking Kelly

    UC around 80%

  • Casagrande C400

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 2770

    £255,000.00 GBP

    Used Casagrande C400 for sale

    3,000 Hours

    KRC2 Kelly bar

    227HP Engine

  • Casagrande B175 XP

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2741

    200,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande B175 XP for sale

    4,550 Hours

    194kW Cummins diesel engine

    Tracks: 600mm

  • Casagrande C6 XP

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2569

    120,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande C6 XP for sale

    5,500 hours

    Multi-purpose piling rig suitable for Anchoring, Micro-Piling and Jet Grouting

    CE Marked

  • Casagrande C6 XP

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2493

    130,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande C6 XP for sale

    1,750 hours

    Rotary Head Type T20, max torque 15.2 kNm

    EU Stage 3(a)

  • Casagrande B180HD

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 2491

    £210,000.00 GBP

    Used Casagrande B180HD for sale

    8,500 Hours

    25m Max Depth

    Cummins Engine

  • Casagrande B175 XP

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2480

    245,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande B175 XP for sale

    2,000 working hours

    EU Stage 3(a)

    CE Marked

  • Casagrande C6 XP

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2479

    130,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande C6 XP for sale

    550 hours

    Hydraulic control panel

    CE Marked

  • Casagrande C850

    Year: 2010

    Ref: 2080

    £490,000.00 GBP

    Used Casagrande C850 for sale

    8,200 Hours

    Max Dia = 1.6m

    Max Depth = 33.5m

  • Casagrande C600HT H40

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 2054

    £330,000.00 GBP

    Used Casagrande C600HT H40 for sale

    8,000 Hours

    Rotary Piling Rig

    Heavy duty mast on HT Support

    25t main winch capacity

    H40 Rotary head

    Comes with Rotary and Diaphragm Wall Kit

    Rotary: Straight type jib head, crowd winch system, extraction 40t

    Hydraulic stabilizer

    Interlocking Kelly bar

    Rotation table

    Set of hydraulic hose recovery reels and hoses

  • Casagrande C6

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 2053

    £72,000.00 GBP

    Used Casagrande C6 for sale

    500 Hours

    300mm Clamps

    Oiler for DTH Hammer

  • Piling rig

    Casagrande B125

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 1550

    190,000.00 EUR

    Used Casagrande B125 for sale

    11,700 hours

    Working weight approx. 36t

    Main winch, 13.5t capacity

    Auxiliary winch, 7.0t capacity

    CFA Piling kit for max 20m drilling depth