Providing drilling and foundation equipment to many different industries, Soilmec is an international leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing machinery to job sites around the world. The Soilmec equipment at Omnia Machinery includes the a wide range of Soilmec piling rigs which cater for several different project tasks. Serviced and maintained Soilmec machinery in this range encompass the company’s focus on innovation and advanced technology to aid the job at hand. Choose a Soilmec rotary drill or popular CFA model such as the CM70 for a reliable addition to your work equipment. Quick to set up and incredibly efficient to work with, contact us today to see how we can provide the right Soilmec machine for your business.

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  • Soilmec CM-70

    Year: 2000

    Ref: 2880

    $225,000.00 USD

    Used Soilmec CM-70 for sale

    18,500 Hours

    Rotary head with 3 drilling speeds

    A/C for the cab

  • Soilmec R-208

    Year: 1999

    Ref: 2800

    140,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec R-208 for sale

    4,000 Hours

    Deutz engine

    83 kNm max torque

  • Soilmec R210

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 2799

    200,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec R210 for sale

    5,800 Hours

    30m Kelly bar

    1250mm max diam

  • Soilmec R-208 HD

    Year: 2002

    Ref: 2797

    £170,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec R-208 HD for sale

    14,000 Hours

    30m Kelly bar

    UC also maintained fully

  • Soilmec R-312

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 1752

    £180,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec R-312 for sale

    6,300 hours

    Has a low headroom conversion kit that can come with the machine

    Tracks are sat around 65%

  • Soilmec SR-60

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2780

    305,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec SR-60 for sale

    7,400 Hours

    Two Kelly bars included

    60t CFA Piling rig

  • Soilmec SR-60

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2755

    260,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec SR-60 for sale

    11,000 Hours

    CCS 280/177 kN

    Comfort seat

  • Soilmec SR-40

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2753

    £170,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec SR-40 for sale


    150kN main winch

    CFA Max diameter 1500mm

  • Soilmec SF-65

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2751

    £460,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF-65 for sale

    5,100 Hours

    Operating Weight: 55 Ton

    Soilmec DMS Concrete Computer System

  • Soilmec SF-50

    Year: 2011

    Ref: 2746

    £225,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF-50 for sale

    10,000 Hours

    25m CFA max depth

    Incorporated counterweight omits need for service crane

  • Soilmec SM 401

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 2703

    135,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec SM 401 for sale

    62 hours (genuine, machine like new)

    Wireless remote control

    1500 daNm @ 461 RPM

  • Soilmec R416

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 2585

    £140,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec R416 for sale

    10,000 Hours

    Cat 3126 Engine

    40m max drill depth

  • Soilmec RT3-ST

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 2576

    £95,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec RT3-ST for sale

    2,800 Hours

    Machine is in excellent working order

    Full set of manuals

  • Soilmec SR-100

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2555

    $485,000.00 USD

    Used Soilmec SR-100 for sale

    14,000 working hours

    Max Piling Depth (friction kelly) : 92m

    Max Piling Depth (locking kelly) : 85m

  • Soilmec SR40

    Year: 2015

    Ref: 2534

    365,000.00 EUR

    Used Soilmec SR-40 for sale

    5,500 hours

    Kelly bar: 4×10.5m

    Engine Power: 178 kW

  • Back of machine

    Soilmec SR 30

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 2527

    £240,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec SR-30 for sale

    11,000 Hours

    Maximum diameter: 1500mm

    Kelly bar: 4x9m

  • Soilmec SF 50

    Year: 2009

    Ref: 2281

    £145,000.00 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF50 for sale

    12,000 Hours

    25m CFA max depth

    Tier 3 Engine