Vibratory Piling Rig

Browse here for our high-quality range of Vibratory pile drivers from the industry experts, Omnia Machinery. Vibratory piling rigs are unlike other traditional means of piling equipment; they use a large weight or ram to drill a pile whereas vibratory hammers use spinning counterweights to create a vibration to the pile, the PVE is then able to drill into the ground. Here at Omnia Machinery, you will find a huge selection of vibratory pile drivers, with manufacturers such as Liebherr, ABI and many more represented among our stock. Our expert team will be your point of contact 24/7 and are able to assist in clearing any shipping documents for a stress-free purchasing process. With our vast experience within the shipping industry, we are able to provide you with the best shipping quote possible.

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  • PVE 25M

    Year: 1996

    Ref: 3097

    110,000 EUR

    Used PVE 25M for sale

    6,100 Hours

    Eccentric moment 27kgm

    Maximum centrifugal force: 856kN

  • ICE 7RF

    Year: 1998

    Ref: 3096

    110,000 EUR

    Used ICE 7RF for sale

    3,917 Hours

    Overhauled In 2020

    Eccentric Moment: 0-7kgm

  • Movax TAD 30-2

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 3081

    £30,000 GBP

    Used Movax TAD 30-2 for sale

    5,000 Hours Approx.

    Maximum Depth: 1.67m

    Maximum Width: 1.13m

  • PTC 16 HFV

    Year: 2011

    Ref: 3046

    100,000 EUR

    Used PTC 16 HFV for sale

    2,000 Hours

    Hydraulic Power: 229kW

    Height Without Clamp: 2.017m

  • Caterpillar 322

    Year: 1995

    Ref: 2969

    £30,000 GBP

    Used Caterpillar 322 for sale

    Hours: 15,242

    New Engine Fitted At: 8,640 Hours

    Krings 40 Ton Vibro Included

  • Ice 416 L

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2933

    150,000 EUR

    Used Ice 416L for sale

    700 Hours

    30m Hydraulic Hoses

    100 TU Universal Clamp

  • ICE 815C

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 2583

    120,000 EUR

    Used ICE 815C for sale

    10,000 Hours

    Hammer built in 2006

    CE Marked

  • Bauer RTG 16T

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 2559

    240,000 EUR

    Used Bauer RTG 16T for sale

    11,000 Hours

    Has no vibro hammer or drilling head.

    Good Overall Condition

  • Ice 44-50

    Year: 2009

    Ref: 2550

    130,000 EUR

    Used Ice 44-50 for sale

    10,000 hours

    Comes with ICE 575 Power Unit

    Suspended Weight with 120 Clamp and half hoses: 15,000 lbs (6849 kg)