CFA Piling Rig

CFA piling rigs, also known as Continuous Flight Augers, are used as a means of piling. The stemmed auger is screwed into the ground until it has reached its desired depth, and concrete is then pumped down the hollow stem auger, filling it with concrete. This makes CFA rigs an incredibly efficient piling machine. Below you will find a selection of CFA piling rigs available here at Omnia Machinery, which includes popular CFA piling rig manufacturers such as Soilmec, Casagrande and Juttan. Our expert team will make sure that you are able to find the right piling rig for your upcoming projects, and if you have any specifications for your project, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our experienced sourcing specialists who will help source the right machine for you.

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  • Casagrande B125 XP

    Year: 2017

    Ref: 3110

    380,000 EUR

    Used Casagrande B125 XP for sale

    Hours: 2,000

    Maximum Piling Depth CFA: 23m

    Maximum Piling Diameter CFA: 800mm

  • Soilmec CM-48

    Year: 1991

    Ref: 3065

    105,000 EUR

    Used Soilmec CM-48 for sale

    7,000 Hours

    Maximum Pile Depth: 19.5m (+4 Flight Extension)

    Total Width Open: 4000-4200mm

  • Tes Car CF6

    Year: 2011

    Ref: 3029

    185,000 EUR

    Used Tes Car CF6 for sale

    7,800 Hours

    Mounted on Hitachi ZX 130

    Complete With CFA Kit For Continuous Flight Auger

  • Soilmec CM-50

    Year: 2007

    Ref: 3021

    £125,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec CM-50 for sale

    3,743 Hours

    Maximum Pile Depth: 25m (including 6m extension)

    Maximum Torque: 86kNm, 11.2rpm

  • Casagrande CFA 425

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 3004

    230,000 EUR

    Used Casagrande CFA 425 for sale

    8,600 Hours

    Engine: Diesel Engine, Cummins 6BTA 5.9, 138kW ‘Elite’ Turbo Cooled

    Maximum Torque: 112kNm at 33rpm

  • Soilmec CM-70

    Year: 2000

    Ref: 2880

    $225,000 USD

    Used Soilmec CM-70 for sale

    18,500 Hours

    Rotary head with 3 drilling speeds

    A/C for the cab

  • Llamada PK-85

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2856

    115,000 EUR

    Used Llamada PK-85 for sale

    9000 Hours

    Max drilling diameter (CFA): 820mm

    Main winch: 170 kN (85 x 2)

  • Soilmec R-312

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 1752

    £180,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec R-312 for sale

    6,300 hours

    Has a low headroom conversion kit that can come with the machine

    Tracks are sat around 65%

  • Soilmec SR-70

    Year: 2010

    Ref: 2781

    285,000 EUR

    Used Soilmec SR-70 for sale

    5,400 Hours

    Deutz TCD 2015 V06 Engine

    4 x 13.5m Kelly

  • Soilmec SR-40

    Year: 2008

    Ref: 2753

    £170,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec SR-40 for sale


    150kN main winch

    CFA Max diameter 1500mm

  • Soilmec SF-65

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2751

    £460,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF-65 for sale

    5,100 Hours

    Operating Weight: 55 Ton

    Soilmec DMS Concrete Computer System

  • Soilmec SF-50

    Year: 2011

    Ref: 2746

    £225,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF-50 for sale

    10,000 Hours

    25m CFA max depth

    Incorporated counterweight omits need for service crane

  • Junttan PM18

    Year: 2000

    Ref: 2620

    165,000 EUR

    Used Junttan PM18 for sale

    21,000 Hours

    Converted to CFA (No hammer attached)

    Service book and manuals

  • ABI TM10/12.5

    Year: 1994

    Ref: 2602

    115,000 EUR

    Used ABI TM10/12.5 for sale

    7,800 Hours

    MRZV 600 Vibrator for sheet piling

    CFA Drilling drive installed

  • Casagrande B180HD

    Year: 2006

    Ref: 2491

    £210,000 GBP

    Used Casagrande B180HD for sale

    8,500 Hours

    25m Max Depth

    Cummins Engine

  • Soilmec CM-70

    Year: 2004

    Ref: 2486

    230,000 EUR

    Used Soilmec CM-70 for sale

    16,900 Hours

    Rotary head with 3 drilling speeds

    Auger extension

  • Soilmec SF 50

    Year: 2009

    Ref: 2281

    £145,000 GBP

    Used Soilmec SF50 for sale

    12,000 Hours

    25m CFA max depth

    Tier 3 Engine

  • Casagrande C850

    Year: 2010

    Ref: 2080

    £490,000 GBP

    Used Casagrande C850 for sale

    8,200 Hours

    Max Dia = 1.6m

    Max Depth = 33.5m

  • Mait HR180

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2079

    £380,000 GBP

    Used Mait HR180 for sale

    4,200 Hours

    Max Dia = 1.2m

    Max Depth = 25.5m

  • Wide of Klemm 708

    Klemm 708

    Year: 2001

    Ref: 1753

    £55,000 GBP

    Used Klemm 708 for sale

    Versatile 8 ton piling rig

    Onboard Power Pack

    2” Through Head