Recognised as worldwide industry leaders for their advanced engineering, Hyundai construction equipment is highly sought after in the engineering and construction industry. Our Hyundai machinery and equipment here at Omnia Machinery includes popular used models of Hyundai excavators and Hyundai wheel loaders in excellent condition such as the HX520LC, HL770-7 and R250. Here at Omnia Machinery, we’re able to source any plant machinery in the world and have tried and tested each piece of Hyundai equipment to ensure it’s ready to be put to work, so you can be sure that our Hyundai construction equipment is top spec for the job. We’re here to help at Omnia Machinery, so give us a call for free advice and consultancy about our Hyundai construction equipment any time.

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  • Front view

    Hyundai 210LC-9

    Year: 2013

    Ref: 2524

    £43,000 GBP

    Used Hyundai 210 LC-9 for sale

    9,250 Hours

    Shoes each side: 49

    Weight: 22.5 Tonne

  • Front view 2

    Hyundai 210LC-9

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2523

    £46,500 GBP

    Used Hyundai 210 LC-9 for sale

    7,400 Hours

    Power: 113 kW

    Track Width: 700mm

  • Hyundai 140LC-9

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2522

    £32,000 GBP

    Used Hyundai 140 LC-9 for sale

    5,770 Hours

    Track Width: 700mm

    Shoes each side: 46

  • Hyundai 140LC-9

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2521

    £31,000 GBP

    Used Hyundai 140 LC-9 for sale

    8,150 Hours

    Tear-out force: 95kN

    Power: 89 kW

  • Hyundai 140W-9

    Year: 2012

    Ref: 2514

    49,000 EUR

    Used Hyundai 140W-9 for sale

    14,000 Hours

    Air suspension seat

    14 ton machine