Soilmec R-210

Ref: 5185

£200,000 GBP

Year: 2005
Soilmec R-210
Soilmec R-210Soilmec R-210Soilmec R-210Soilmec R-210Soilmec R-210


Used Soilmec R-210 for sale.

11,000 hours

Equipped with 10ton metre torque rotary head

Kelly winch

Service winch

4 x 9.5m kelly bar

4x 6.5m kelly bar

Brand new logging system and computer

Comes with the following equipment:

Adapter Square 130 – Hex 150 x2

Adapter Square 130 – Hex 160 x2

Rock Auger Ø600  x1

Standard Auger Ø600     x1

Soil-Rock Bucket Ø600   x1

Soil-Rock Bucket Ø450   x1

Casing Tube Ø720 – 1m x2

Casing Tube Ø720 – 2m x2

Casing Tube Ø720 – 3m x2

Casing Tube Ø720 – 4m x1

Casing shoes Ø720 (0.5m long)(interchangeable)  x3

Casing Twister Ø720 x1

Belly band and wedges fit for Ø720 x1

Reduction for Ø580 casing x1

Casing Twister Ø580 x1

Core Barrel Ø350  x1

Casing Tube Ø580/540 – 1 mt. long x2

Casing Tube Ø580/540 – 2 mt. long x2

Casing Tube Ø580/540 – 3 mt. long x2

Casing Tube Ø580/540 – 4 mt. long  x1

Ø580/540 cutting shoes solid- 0.5 mt. long with interchangeable teeth (10 per until) x3

CE Marked

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