Casagrande B200 XP

Ref: 3215

300,000 EUR

Year: 2013
Casagrande B200 XP
Casagrande B200 XPCasagrande B200 XPCasagrande B200 XPCasagrande B200 XPCasagrande B200 XPCasagrande B200 XP


Used Casagrande B200 XP for sale

Hours: 7,400

Maximum Depth Dependant On Kelly Bar: 68m

Maximum Diameter: 1800mm

Main Winch Line Pull: 240kN

Auxiliary Winch Line Pull: 83kN

Ram Crowd Extraction Force: 260kN

Ram Crowd, Crowd Force: 180kN

Ram Crowd Stroke: 6000mm

Winch Crowd Extraction Force: 280kN

Winch Crowd, Crowd Force: 280kN

Winch Crowd Stroke: 13,800mm

Rotary Head Torque: 210kNm

Drilling Speed: 34rpm

Working Weight: 65ton

Accessories Included:

Interlocking Kelly Bar 4 x 9.5m


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B200 XP

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