3 Questions to Ask to Ensure the Buyer Isn’t Wasting Your Time

It would be great if you had a timely buyer, with a lenient budget and authority to make decisions however it is never that easy. When purchasing equipment often buyers and sellers do not know the full extent of how long it can take to look into the machinery. When you are planning to sell a machine there are a number of questions that you should ask, however, we have noted what we believe to be the three most important.

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What is the Buyers Budget?

Usually, when purchasing a machine there is a set budget in place that they can spend on the required equipment, however, this is not always the case. If the buyer does not immediately give you any clear indication of their price range, then asking for this will help avoid any miscommunication. If you are unsure of how to ask you could say: “Based on what we’ve discussed, a BOMAG BF300 P-2 would be in the range of £85,000 – £95,000 for this particular year and model”. Even if they do not give a definitive answer asking this can show how the buyer feels about the price and if they are serious about purchasing the equipment.

When Does the Buyer Need to Make a Decision?

We do not expect a decision to be made overnight, but you also cannot keep a seller waiting for a decision to be made. You must bear in mind that the seller has prepared the documents, the machine and everything else that comes with the sale of equipment therefore a delayed time scale can lead to issues arising. It is vital to set out a clear time frame at the start of the process. 

Does The Buyer Have Enough Authority to Make the Purchase?

When dealing with buyers you may not always be dealing with the end-user. It can be helpful to know if your contact is speaking on behalf of their customer or if the machine is for themselves. Knowing this will make the time scale clearer when you are awaiting replies, as they may need to go back and forth with their contact to get a decision. Again, if you are unsure how to ask the question you can simply say “What are you using the machine for? Are you the end-user?”. This can also help form relationships for any future needs they may have.

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