Safety Tips for Crushing & Screening Aggregate Equipment

Crushing and screening machinery present substantial risks in the aggregate industry. These sizable pieces of equipment can be difficult if not operated with the highest level of respect and care. Focus on safety is crucial, not only to comply with regulations but to protect the lives and well-being of staff. The following recommendations are proposed to create an environment that respects potential hazards and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Use Strategic Scheduling

Interestingly, statistics report that Monday is the most dangerous day of the week, it is the day in which most workplace injuries occur, usually within four hours of the shift starting. They assume that after a weekend, employees may not be completely engaged, meaning lapses in safety.

Understand Crusher-Specific Safety

Each type of crusher exhibits specific challenges, from stored energy in the form of high-pressure hydraulic systems to the massive inertia of rotating parts. Prior to operating or around these pieces of equipment, guarantee they are sufficiently stabilized, and all energy sources have been safely dispersed.

Keep Manuals at Hand

Instruction manuals and parts books should be kept nearby on the job site for all employees to access since they are invaluable tools that contain key information for repairs and other activities. Instruction manuals and parts provide necessary information on safe operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Keeping these manuals readily available to all employees on the job site will substantially enhance safety and efficiency.

Practice Good Housekeeping

Slips, trips and falls make up the bulk of workplace injuries. Simple ways to reduce potential dangers are to identify safety hazards, use three points of contact on ladders, exercise caution when climbing or descending on staircases, use handrails, never jump from equipment and use fall protection. A clean and tidy workplace is more than just pleasing to the eye; it plays a vital role in avoiding accidents. Regular cleaning can eliminate possible hazards which could be spilled oil that could cause slips or debris that can cause trips and falls.

Pay Attention to Safety Symbols

Each crusher operates differently; however, they all have the potential to cause major harm to anyone who doesn’t take care when dealing with them. Every machine comes with specific safety plates, decals, and symbols. Having visual warning signs is a constant reminder of potential hazards. Train your staff and clarify that everyone understands what these symbols mean, as this is fundamental to keeping the work environment safe.

Training & Regular Inspections

If an operator does not receive training, large material could enter the crusher and cause damage, or the crusher could malfunction due to faulty management. All operators need to be thoroughly trained on feeding the machine and on the specific crusher they are operating. This just simply makes for a safer and more productive workplace. Ensure that operators keep detailed maintenance records that keep track of any issues with machinery.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance tasks must be well-planned with an emphasis on safety and always carried out according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Attention should be given to maintaining guards and safety devices, replacing worn-out components, and checking for potential issues that might lead to safety hazards.

Clear Blockages with Caution

When you are dealing with blockages, it’s crucial you follow safety procedures. Lock out and tag out the equipment, then use recommended techniques to clear the blockage. Obvious, but it’s essential to never try to remove blockages manually when the crusher is running.

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