For many years, PPM were at the forefront of cranes and construction manufacturing. A legacy brand of Terex, PPM (Potain Poclain Manutention) were sold worldwide. Used PPM models including the ATT400/3, ATT400/2, ATT400, ATT600, ATT600/2, ATT480, ATT335, ATT280 and ATT1300, are still extremely popular and reliable, with replacement parts still available from Terex today. Investing in a used PPM crane or machine guarantees you the same excellent performance that PPM became known for, capable of lifting 35-130 tonnes. Every piece of PPM machinery has been tried and tested by Omnia Machinery for quality and to guarantee you excellent performance. For more information or any free advice or consultancy, get in touch with our team at Omnia Machinery any time.

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  • PPM C 380

    Year: 1986

    Ref: 2326

    £25,000 GBP

    Used PPM C 380 for sale

    24,636 hours

    32t capacity truck mounted crane

    104,247 km

  • PPM ATT 350

    Year: 1997

    Ref: 3015

    £35,000 GBP

    Used PPM ATT 350 for sale

    17,641 hours

    30t all-terrain crane

    Weight: 24t

  • PPM ATT 335

    Year: 1997

    Ref: 2938

    £35,000 GBP

    Used PPM ATT 335 for sale

    20,754 hours

    30t all terrain crane

    14.00R25 tyres

  • PPM ATT 280

    Year: 1988

    Ref: 2785

    £18,000 GBP

    Used PPM ATT 280 for sale

    Hours clock is broken – Currently at 0

    Jib hook

    27m boom

  • PPM ATT 280

    Year: 1990

    Ref: 2773

    £20,000 GBP

    Used PPM ATT 280 for sale

    5000 (clock broken) Hours

    Boom 30m

    2 Hook Blocks included

  • PPM ATT 600

    Year: 2003

    Ref: 2707

    115,000 EUR

    Used PPM ATT 600 for sale

    5,500 approx hours – Hour clock not fully functional

    Boom length 5-40m

    CE Marked

  • Back view

    PPM ATT400-3

    Year: 2002

    Ref: 1669

    £52,500 GBP

    Used PPM ATT400-3 for sale

    17,000 Hours

    30.4m telescopic boom

    New alternator