Established in 1868, the Swedish company Metso has provided reliable and revolutionary equipment across a range of sectors, including mining; oil, gas, aggregates, recycling and forestry to name but a few.

Metso machinery started out life in the relatively small-scale ironworks of Sweden 150 years ago. In modern times, you’ll find Metso equipment used widely across the world, especially in developing markets like Africa, India, China and various South American countries. In short, Metso construction equipment and commercial machinery provide trusted products no matter what the sector.

A world-leading industrial company, Metso employs over 12,000 people in 50 different countries to date, with these figures only set to grow exponentially. Among our Metso equipment here at Omnia Machinery, you’ll find plenty of Metso crusher models  such as the LT105, LT106, LT1215 and LT1415.

Browse high quality used jaw crushers, impact crushers  and other trusted Metso machinery below.

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