Active in the construction industry since 1895, Kato machinery is one of the most renowned producers of mobile cranes and excavators in the construction industry. Here at Omnia Machinery we can help you source the best and most popular Kato construction equipment from all over the world, including the CR250, KA300E, KR22H, NK250, NK70M-V and NK75M-V Kato mobile crane and mini crane models. The engineers at Omnia Machinery have tried and tested each and every piece of our Kato construction equipment to ensure it is all in top condition and ready to be put to work. Whatever your needs and whatever your location, the team at Omnia Machinery is here to help you find exactly what you need for your construction project; simply give us a call for free advice and consultancy on all of our Kato machinery and mobile cranes.

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  • Kato CR250

    Year: 2005

    Ref: 2947

    90,000 EUR

    Used Kato CR250 for sale

    14,445 hours

    28m boom extension

    385/95 R25 tyres

  • Kato NK250E-V

    Year: 1999

    Ref: 2930

    £48,000 GBP

    Used Kato NK 250 E-V for sale

    4,550 hours

    25t Truck Crane

    31m Boom Extension

  • Kato MR130-Ri

    Year: 2014

    Ref: 2910

    £100,000 GBP

    Used Kato MR130-Ri for sale

    4,030 hours

    275/80/R22.5 tyres

    5.5m Jib

  • Kato CR200Ri

    Year: 2016

    Ref: 2872

    £240,000 GBP

    Used Kato CR200Ri for sale

    1,123 hours

    3.2 ton ball hook

    28m Boom Extension