Soilmec SR-30

Ref: 3083

£160,000 GBP

Year: 2007
Soilmec SR-30


Used Soilmec SR30 for sale

13,856 Hours

Available In Rotary And CFA Configuration

Tier 3 Engine

Rotary Mode:

Maximum Pile Depth, Friction Kelly: 49.3m

Maximum Pile Depth, Locking Kelly: 46.2m

Maximum Pile Diameter: 1500mm

Crowd Force Pull Down/Up: 101/124kN

Winch Crowd System Pull Down/Up: 200/200kN

Main Winch Line Pull: 135kN

Auxiliary Winch Line Pull: 65kN

Undercarriage Dimensions:

Width Of Crawlers Retracted: 2550mm

Width Of Crawlers Extended: 3700mm

Width Of Triple Grouser Track Shoes: 600mm

Overall Length Of Crawlers: 4510mm

Traction Force: 290kN

Travel Speed: 2.2 km/H

Mast Inclination Backward/Forward/Lateral: 12/4/3’

Average Operating Weight (Dependant On Kelly Bar): 35.8ton

Accessories Including:

Choice Of Kelly Bar’s;

9 X 4m Locking Bar

4 X 5m Friction Bar

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Rotary Piling Rig

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