IHC Fundex CP25D

Ref: 3090

£190,000 GBP

Year: 2016
IHC Fundex CP25D
IHC Fundex CP25DIHC Fundex CP25DIHC Fundex CP25DIHC Fundex CP25DIHC Fundex CP25DIHC Fundex CP25D


Used IHC Fundex CP25D for sale

800 Hours

Comes Equipped With IHC Fundex CPE22 Hammer

Capable Of Multiple Piling Techniques

Capable Of Bottom Or Top Driven Piling

Suitable For Restricted Access

Maximum Drop Weight: 2.5ton

Maximum Pull Up/ Pull Down Capacity: 45kN

Drop Weight: 0.6 – 2.5ton

Minimum / Maximum Working Dimensions:

Length: 4550/4550mm

Width: 1500/2000mm

Height: 8150/13,150mm

Operating Weight: 11ton


IHC Fundex CPE22 Hammer:

Maximum Energy: 22.5kNm

Drop Height: 40-1000mm

Blows Per Minute: 40-100

Ram Weight: 1.5ton

Maximum Pile Dependant On Type: 406mm

Minimum Pile Dependant On Type: 250mm

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