Casagrande B125 XP

Ref: 3110

380,000 EUR

Year: 2017
Casagrande B125 XP


Used Casagrande B125XP for sale

2,000 Hours

Maximum Piling Depth CFA: 23m

Maximum Piling Diameter CFA: 800mm

Main Winch Nominal Line Pull: 160kN

Main Winch Maximum Line Speed: 72m/min

Auxiliary Winch Nominal Line Pull: 70kN

Auxiliary Winch Maximum Line Speed: 72m/min

Rotary Head Maximum Torque: 125kNm

Rotary Head Maximum Drilling Speed: 33rpm

Crowd Ram Maximum Line Pull: 190kN

Crowd Ram Maximum Crowd: 130kN

Crowd Ram Stroke: 3800mm

Rig Capable of Rotary, CFA, Soil Mixing, Diaphragm Wall


Width Extended Tracks: 3700mm

Width Retracted Tracks: 2500mm

Track Length: 4510mm

Shoes Width: 600mm

Working Weight: 41ton

Accessories Included:

Equipped With Rear View Camera

Pressure Washer With 300ltr Water Tank

Pull Down Winches Under Rotary

Automatic Ascent With Jean Lutz Dialogue System

Automatic Greaser

Hydraulic Opening Of The Side Canopies

Remote Control Satellite System

Automatic Levelling

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CFA Piling Rig

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