Boart Longyear LF230

Ref: 3876

$360,000 USD

Year: 2007
Boart Longyear LF230
Boart Longyear LF230Boart Longyear LF230Boart Longyear LF230Boart Longyear LF230Boart Longyear LF230


Used Boart Longyear LF230 for sale.

25,000 hours

Pullback/Pulldown: 30 T / 20 T

Depth Capacities: HQ 1200m, NQ 2000m

Drilling Methods: Diamond Core Drilling

Engine type: Doosan 806 T1 Engine

Drilling Rig Carrier: Truck Mounted (AMC)

Equipment: FMC Triplex Mud Pump W11 (190 L per minute)

Bean Pump fully Repaired & Assembled

Hydraulic Pump Repaired

Hydraulic Control Panel Valve Lever/Spares Replaced and Repaired

Chain Control Valve Repaired & Rig hyd Jack Adjustment Done & Repaired

Hydraulic Oil Replaced

A few hydraulic hoses replaced with new ones

Chain track motor repaired

Rig denting & painting done

Diesel Tank Cleaned

Chain cylinder greasing done

Welding work done of side railing towards safety guard

Head slide lock changed

Rig operator seat & cabin repaired

Head stopper bush repaired & thread make at lathe work

New stop switch replaced

Alternator wiring repaired

Self-starter repaired

Diesel filter, Oil filter replaced, water separator, Air filter replaced

Engine Oil Replaced, Gear Oil Replaced

Rig Engine Overhaul Done

Rotation Motor Repaired

Slide Cylinder Repaired

New Battery Replaced

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