Wirtgen WR2500 SK

A UK customer had been recommended to us by a previous client who had bought a WR2500 SK from Omnia and imported it into the UK. This model is not very common but our road construction team managed to find a suitable machine in New Zealand which we could import.

Due to where the machine was located the customer was happy to have an inspection completed and without any problems, the client was happy to go ahead and buy the machine.

When we first tried to ship the machine back to the UK we were advised that it could be moved on a 40ft flat rack container unit, we had a second opinion from the receiving port in the UK who said they agreed and were happy to be able to unload when the machine entered the port. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the port the Wirtgen could not be lashed and loaded securely due to restriction in Auckland. We discussed the problem with the client and informed them that the machine will need to be shipped via a RoRo vessel and the transit time would go from 47 to 65 days. The machine was not needed for an urgent job and all parties agreed it was safer to go via RoRo.

The shipment transhipped through Singapore and Southampton before being delivered to their yard in the North West.