Wirtgen W2200

Back view of Wirtgen W2200SM sold

The Caribbean’s premier Road Contractor came to Omnia Machinery for help procuring a Wirtgen Surface Miner for an upcoming project. Price was critical for the customer and so Omnia advised them to opt for a converted cold milling machine rather than a Surface Miner – similar performance but substantially better value. Omnia Machinery was able to procure a Wirtgen W2200 which had been suitably modified for this purpose. However, the unit was fitted with a ‘trenching drum’ – 0.6m in width and designed for trench digging rather than surface mining. Omnia Machinery subsequently procured a brand new 2.2m wide surface mining drum at a fraction of the cost that the client had paid historically. Omnia Logistics then coordinated the RORO shipment of the W2200, transshipping through Baltimore to a Caribbean Island, along with the drum which went palletised within a shipping container.