Merlo DBM 3500

Merlo DBM 3500 EV

A multi-national oil exploration firm enquired with Omnia Machinery looking for a self-loading concrete mixer for use in an ongoing project in Papua New Guinea. Based on the customer’s requirement of 8m3 of concrete per hour, we recommended a mixer with 3.5m3 drum capacity, giving a yield of 2.5m3 of concrete per batch. Based on an average of 4 batches per hour, this would comfortably meet demand on the project. On agreeance from the customer, Omnia Machinery used its network of contacts within Italy to procure a Merlo DBM 3500 in immaculate condition. Within one week the unit had been delivered to Genoa Port, secured onto a flat rack and set sail for Port Lae, Papua New Guinea. With a relatively long transit time of 7 weeks, Omnia Machinery opted to provide a weatherproof covering for the flat rack free of charge to ensure the machine remained sheltered from the elements.