Kleemann MR 130 ZS EVO

Kleemann MR130ZS EVO

A client based in the Zhejiang Province of China approached us to procure a Kleemann MR 130 ZS EVO Impact Crusher. Their requirements were quite particular –

  • No more than 8 years old
  • Maximum 6,000 working hours
  • Equipped with secondary screening unit

They also stressed that the machine must be delivered to Shanghai within three months of the initial enquiry due to an upcoming project that they needed the machine for. Within two days our sourcing team had procured a suitable machine, located in Central Germany.

Once the machine was approved in principle by our client, we organised a two-day inspection in Germany for the following week. The first day would encompass our technical inspection to ensure the machine was functioning to a high standard. On the second day, we had arranged for the China Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd (CCIC) to perform a pre-shipment quarantine inspection – a prerequisite for all imports of used machinery to China. The machine passed both inspections with flying colours, a testament to the expert knowledge and meticulous approach of our sourcing team.

The next challenge was the logistics of delivering the machine to China ahead of schedule. Germany is notoriously difficult when transporting abnormal loads by road, with several permits and licenses required before departure. Within two weeks of the inspection, our shipping team had obtained seven separate transport permits, authorising us to move the machine by low-loader across seven regions of Germany up to Bremerhaven Port. The following week, the machine left Bremerhaven Port and began the six-week transit to Shanghai. The machine was shipped by RoRo (roll-on / off) and carried Grade A Marine Insurance covering up to 110% of the CIF value. Within four weeks of the initial enquiry, we were able to procure a suitable machine, take care of all necessary inspections/customs clearances and deliver to port ready for shipment. Within ten weeks the machine had arrived in Shanghai Port – two weeks ahead of our client’s schedule.