Fiori DB460 CBV

A Kenyan client came to Omnia in search of a Fiori DB 460 CBV self-loading concrete mixer. No other manufacturer/model could be considered due to the speciality computer system the ‘CV’ model possesses. At first glance, there were none available in Europe. However, through an extensive network of contacts in Europe, Omnia procured a 2009 model with just 1,400 hours in France.

Any used machine to be imported to Kenya requires a Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) certificate. This is to ensure the quality of products, which must also meet health, safety and environmental standards for Kenyans. Unfortunately, it was not possible to arrange a pre-shipment inspection in France as no certifying body was offering the service. Consequently, Omnia trucked the machine to Antwerp in Belgium from France and then by ferry to Tilbury. There was a window of 3 days at Tilbury Port, during which the inspection was completed, before onward shipment to Mombasa.